About us

Founders, Kristen and James Miskelly, are trained biologists with a passion for nature. They opened the nursery in 2013 because of their love of native plants and aspiration to facilitate local restoration work.  

Kristen and James found a great home for the nursery and consulting business as part of  Haliburton Community Organic FarmIt began when they acted as volunteer coordinators for the Haliburton Biodiversity Project  starting in 2007Six years later the nursery started on the front lawn of the farmhouse, which then expanded to a half-acre parcel for propagation and the implementation of permanent seed fields in 2015. 

Haliburton is an outstanding educational farm that recognizes Indigenous plants as part of local food security and sovereignty. The farm also shows how healthy ecosystems contribute to farm productivity and profitability through services like pest control and pollination. The farm hosts several exceptional food-growing businesses and integrates environmentally friendly practices, including native hedgerows and wildlife features.  

In 2018, Saanich Native Plants began expanding native seed operations to an additional site in Cobble Hill where they now grow some of their most popular species from seed. 

The most recent development is the name change from Saanich Native Plants to Satinflower Nurseries with the intention of becoming more inclusive of the expanding scope of work has have taken with the secured property in Metchosin. Eventually Metchosin will become to primary hub for plant propagation.


About the Business

Satinflower Nurseries is built on the core principle of valuing nature with an aim of inspiring and empowering people to restore and conserve nature by providing native plants, seeds, and expertise. The plants and seeds we provide are native to a variety of habitats in the Victoria area, including meadows, woodlands, forests, wetlands, beaches and more. Every year, we build on the diversity of plants and seeds we offer. 

The nursery is specialized in the restoration and ecology of Garry oak ecosystems (Prairie-Oak ecosystems) and meadowscaping. The total removal of lawn and transformation to a meadow is completely achievable with the suite of species we have available. By creating meadows where your lawn was will help create patches of habitat for migratory pollinators! 

We strive for excellence in the health of our plants and seeds for our customers and the environment. Herbicides, pesticides (including neonicotinoids), and chemical fertilizers are NOT used. We also reduce waste by reusing and recycling as much as possible.

On a visit to the nursery you will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff who can answer any question you may have or direct you to someone who can!