Restoration Consults

Restoration Consultation for Land Managers

Satinflower Nurseries is built on the core principle of valuing biodiversity with an aim of empowering restoration and conservation efforts. For this reason we provide native plants, seeds, and expert knowledge regarding native flora. These resources apply to a variety of habitats on Southern Vancouver Island, including meadows, woodlands, forests, wetlands, beaches and more. 

We have extensive experience working with all levels of government, nonprofits, and private property. We can assist with many aspects of planning and implementation of your project including: 

  • Preparing restoration and management plans

  • Identifying plants at your project site including rare plant surveys

  • Choosing appropriate species for your project

  • Developing custom seed blends for your site

  • Custom seed collection

  • Custom growing such as plugs or using seed from your project site for propagation where provenance is a concern

If you are involved in a project that requires rare plants or custom growing, please contact us regarding your growing needs, we are happy to accommodate. 


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Photo courtesy of Erica Mcclaren.