The Area We Serve

The Area We Serve:

Our dream is that everyone would appreciate and celebrate the unique nature of their own home place. For us, that place is southern Vancouver Island. We grow plants that are ecologically and culturally important to Southern Vancouver Island and do our best to make plants available to local projects. All of our plants have ultimate sources within the area indicated below.

Most of our plants are well suited to southern and eastern Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and adjacent areas. If you are planning a project outside of this region, be aware that not all of our plants will be native to your area. Please check reference materials for your local plants and ecosystems to ensure that you aren’t planting non-native plants. We do not ship seeds outside of British Columbia. Within British Columbia, some sales may be limited depending on your region, particularly in the case of species that are naturally restricted to southern Vancouver Island. Custom seed blend species may be limited to plants that occur naturally in your region. We are always happy to discuss special circumstances!

If you are outside of our region but interested in native plants for your region, please let us know! We are happy to help connect you with growers and nurseries in your area to the best of our ability.