Residential and commercial consultations

Are you interested in transforming your space into a beautiful pollinator hub but didn't know where to start? It can be difficult to know which species are right for your site. We offer in-person consultations and can design  plant lists or seed mixes to ensure a successful project.    

Bookings for Q1 2023 are now being accepted! Please see calendar below.


Landowners looking for on-site advice can request an in-person consultation. Residential Site Visits include:

    • A scheduled site visit to your home with one of our staff experts

    • Suggestions for suitable native plants for your home and garden

    • Advice specific to your project or property

    • Advice about site preparation, planting, and maintaining your native plant garden

    • A follow-up email with recommendations

Visits are $100 + GST and travel. Schedule one today! See calendar below:


 Residential Landowner Consultation, Saanich BC


We have consulted on several commercial properties such as utility right-of-ways, municipal greenspace, parks, highways, and boulevards, as well as native planting for businesses. Contact us by email to schedule a consultation. Looking forward to working with you!

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 Stoneridge Wetland Park, View Royal BC