Residential and commercial consultations

Are you interested in transforming your space into a beautiful pollinator hub but didn't know where to start? It can be difficult to know which species are right for your site. We offer in-person consultations and can design  plant lists or seed mixes specific to your project.    


Landowners looking for on-site advice can request an in-person consultation. Residential Site Visits include:

      • A scheduled site visit to your home with one of our staff experts

      • Suggestions for suitable native plants for your home and garden

      • Advice specific to your project or property

      • Advice about site preparation, planting, and maintaining your native plant garden

      • A follow-up email including lists of recommended species, planting densities, an estimate based on your area, and example photos for planting inspiration. 

    Visits are $100 + GST and travel (time and mileage). See calendar below. Please note, we are not taking installations at this time. Please email for landscaper recommendations. 

    We do not include design layouts in the follow-up email. If you are interested in a formal report or write-up with a hand drawing of the layout, please specify with the consultant on site or email Additional reports or write-ups are charged at $70/hour + GST. 


     Residential Landowner Consultation, Saanich BC


    We consult on commercial properties such as utility right-of-ways, municipal greenspace, parks, highways, and boulevards, as well as native planting for businesses. Contact us by email to schedule a consultation. Looking forward to working with you!

     Email us at to get started


     Stoneridge Wetland Park, View Royal BC