How much carrier should I use?

How much carrier should I use?

Carrier volume should be determined by the size area you are trying to cover, not the volume of seed. There is no exact measurement for how much carrier you should use, only general guidelines. 

The role of a carrier is to help you distribute seeds evenly, but in a sense, the amount of carrier you use is arbitrary because the rate of spread varies (the seed volume will be the same no matter how much carrier you use). You should use as much carrier as you need to confidently go over your area once, and preferably twice. Over small patches, we recommend as much as a half cup per m2. Over very large areas, we reduce this amount to as little as an ⅛ to 1/16 of a cup per m2. 

To help you gain confidence, try mixing your seed with a generous amount of carrier. Then lightly toss the mix in a fanning motion as you walk systematically over your area (making linear transects is helpful to ensure you have covered all of the area). As you continue to do this, you will be able to see where your seed has been distributed and assure yourself that you will be able to cover the entire area. If you haven’t completed your area and begin to run low, add more carrier in. Mixing enough carrier in to make at least two passes over the area will ensure even coverage and lowers the risk of running out of seed before you have gone over the entire area. 

For example, if you have a lawn of 50m2 or ~540 square feet, you could use between 6 cups and 25 cups of carrier. Since everyone sows seed differently, the amount of carrier you use depends on you.

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