I don’t see many flowers in the first spring, does that mean my seeds didn’t work?


You may see some flowers in the first year from our native wildflower blends, but not necessarily all of them will bloom. If your seed doesn’t germinate the first year it has not gone bad, it is just waiting for the right conditions. Many perennials don’t flower in their first year, some of the bulb species (Great and Common Camas, White Fawn-lily) take up to 7 years to produce their first flower. All annuals flower in their first year (e.g. Sea Blush, Farewell-to-Spring) and some perennials do as well (e.g. Yarrow, Woolly Sunflower). 

If you would like only seeds that typically flower within the first year or two, you can request a custom blend that is suitable for your garden or site conditions. To ensure you prepare your site adequately, see our Seeding Instructions (link).

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