Special Limited Time 25% off Bulk Seed Sale

Special Limited Time 25% off Bulk Seed Sale

Special Surprise Seed Sale!

We are having a 25% sale on two species if bought in bulk seed! Limited time only, while supplies last. There is a $25 minimum purchase to get the discount:

Graceful Cinquefoil - Potentilla gracilis var. gracilis

Early summer lemon-yellow blooms and beautiful foliage. Plant in a full sun area. Soils can be dry, but it also is very tolerant of wet winter meadows that dry in summer. Cold stratification is required so must be sown in early fall for spring germination (save this one for next fall).

Potentilla gracilis var gracilis yellow flowers


Farewell-to-Spring - Clarkia amoena

Striking large magenta to pink flowers that bloom later than most other spring annuals. Very drought-tolerant and best-suited to very well-drained shallow soils in full sun. As with all native annuals, this plant will spread by seed and form larger patches as long as the area isn't mulched after the seed drops in late summer. The seeds are tiny and must remain near the soil surface where the fall rains coincide with their germination. Through fall and winter, the new leaves will form green carpets (with a hint of pink that match the pink in the flowers!) of small foliage and then go on to bloom the following spring. Sow in fall or early spring for germination in the same season.

Clarkia amoena pink flowers

 Top bar image by Andrea Simmonds (https://www.ajsart.ca/)



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